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Atok-Big Wedge Co., Inc.  is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Stock Symbol: AB To view our latest stock price, please click here: The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Website

Investor Relations

Letter to the Shareholders To our Shareholders, Your new management took over in October 2009 and has devoted the past year to carefully evaluate potential investments in copper, gold, and nickel mines. Our emphasis was on projects within the Philippines and the Asean region, which operated on projects in the …

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Atok-Big Wedge Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries (the Group) have exposure to the following risks from its use of financial instruments:                              • Credit Risk                         …

Atok-Big Wedge Co., Inc. is maintaining harmonious working relationships with the local communities and indigenous groups at its exploration sites. Courtesy calls at the local government offices were undertaken to signify the Company’s responsible commitment to the concerned areas. Employment opportunities were generated by hiring at least 40 personnel, prioritizing the …