Atok-Big Wedge Company, Inc. (AB) was established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 4, 1931 primarily as a mining company, and was publicly listed on January 8, 1948.

On June 24, 1996, after decades of mining, AB evolved into a holding company with a principal business in general investment, while its secondary purposes consisted of, among others, mining, management and development of real estate, manufacturing, food products processing, and lending and borrowing money. AB’s mining related activities and assets were spun off to its wholly owned subsidiary, Atok Gold Mining Co., Inc.

In 2009, Boerstar Corporation (Boerstar) became the controlling and majority shareholder of the Company. Boerstar has presented its plan to cause the Company to make several investments which management is presently evaluating. Part of the plan is the additional investment by the Company in other mining assets as well as investments in oil, gas and natural resource assets. In connection with this, the Management obtained stockholders’ approval during the last special stockholders meeting in February 15, 2010, for the Company to change its primary purpose from that of a holding to that of a company authorized to engage in the business of mining, oil, gas and natural resources exploration and development.